Applying management functions in managing life essay

Tuesday, 9 June 2015.

Apply control functions to life management

The four management functions include guidance, organization, monitoring, and planning. They have created a management process that is highly effective in managing the various types of organizations, including small and private entities, such as regional, multinational and national corporations. These governance functions can be applied in various aspects of human life in order to achieve the desired objectives. In this article, I describe how I used the management functions of a football team of young people in the city of Madina in Saudi Arabia. The document also describes the important role played by these functions in increasing the team’s participation, as well as the possible performance during the Madinah tournament

Planning for the management function involves setting the goals for the team, as well as developing the strategies that will be used to achieve these goals. This function requires sufficient information on possible future environmental conditions as well as on future conditions expected in the future. It includes the identification of opportunities as well as an analysis of the most appropriate actions for their use. I saw the commercial where the football teams were invited when I was 23 years of age. This advertisement invites teenagers to take part in the competition of the city of Madina. I came up with a strategy using the planning function that made it possible for me to create a football team in a local area of teenagers. When it is possible to participate, and to predict future pressings, which are likely to emerge as a result of participation in this league, I have worked out a framework to enable me to achieve the goal of participation and the achievement of the highest efficiency in the league. To achieve this, I had to identify the staff who could contribute to the football team, define the objectives for the team, and the strategies that would make it possible to achieve those goals

The organization as a management function involves the development of an organization’s structure, as well as the organization of tasks, resources, and people to perform certain tasks or tasks. The objective of this function is to coordinate efforts to achieve the objectives. When creating a football team, the organization of work involves the establishment of various ways to manage this team. The organization thus includes the distribution of tasks among team members as well as other vital stakeholders, which included parents of adolescents who supported the participation of children in the league

The lead function involves managing, influencing, and motivating people in a group so that they can achieve common goals. As a function in any organization, it is primarily focused on the work of the subordinates so that they can improve performance. I took the lead from the position I took as a team coach. My duties included the leadership and motivation of my team members so that we could achieve the ultimate goal of winning the FA Cup. For me to do this effectively, I had to discover the inspiration and motivators of the team members so the team could get this trophy. I have improved personal relations between me and the team members to understand what motivates them and their identities. I have done so to inform them of the importance of their teamwork and the contribution of individual staff to the success of the team. I have ensured the participation of every member of the team in making decisions in the group on issues that affect them. This feeling appreciated and appreciated in them. Thus, their commitment has improved and this has enhanced the team’s ability to win the league

The management function assumes that the organization is in compliance with established standards. It includes the monitoring of performance in the organization, as well as the comparison of actual indicators with the set of standards, as well as the adoption of corrective measures, where necessary to achieve the set objectives. As a coach of this team, my control was to meet performance and training standards to ensure the team’s competitiveness. I followed the training strategy, as well as the team’s productivity in every match that played against competitors. I also came up with strategies to reinforce Playback tactics, as well as strategies to win the next match

The effectiveness of the work of the team has been improved thanks to the integration of four functions of the leading, structural, organizational, monitoring and planning bodies. The team defended the second position, which made all team members proud. Although I have acquired the skills as captain of the football team in high school, I have also improved my skills as a founder and coach of a football team of teenagers. However, my organization needs improvement in terms of the allocation and selection of resources that include finance. This will prevent negative consequences for the team. I must also improve strategic planning to achieve long-term goals more in situations where there is uncertainty

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